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What We Do at Custom Feed Services

At Custom Feeds, we specialize in providing custom feed blending services to livestock farmers, as well as feed manufacturers and livestock nutritionists. The primary function of our business is to blend various ingredients and create customized trace mineral and vitamin formulations based on the specific requirements of our clients.  For pictures of our facilities, please go to the our facilities page.


Business Consultation

Custom Feeds works closely with farmers, feed manufacturers, and nutritionists to understand their specific needs, including the type of animals, nutritional requirements, production goals, and any other specific considerations.

Formulation Development

Larry Smith, President, Custom Feed Services Corp

Based on the client's requirements and the nutritional expertise of the business, custom trace mineral and vitamin formulations are developed. These formulations take into account the specific dietary needs of the animals, including their age, species, weight, health conditions, and production objectives.

Quality Control

David Hickman, Custom Feed Services Corp, Quality Control

We adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure that the final feed products meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. This involves regular testing and analysis of the blended feed to confirm the nutrient composition and safety.

Ingredient Sourcing

Custom Feed Services Corp's Inventory

We procure high-quality feed ingredients from trusted suppliers. These ingredients may include but not limited to, vitamins, minerals, additives, and other components necessary for a balanced animal diet.

Blending Process

Brad Skalberg, Custom Feed Services Corp, Mixing vitamins

The business operates specialized feed blending equipment that ensures accurate measurement and mixing of the feed ingredients. The blending process is carefully monitored to maintain consistency and quality throughout the production.  Our mixer has a 3 ton capacity.

Packaging and Delivery

Custom Feed Services Corp's feed delivery truck

Once the custom feed formulation is blended, it is packaged according to the client's specifications. The business may offer various packaging options, such as bags, totes, or bulk delivery. Timely and efficient delivery of the feed products to the clients is also a key aspect of the business.  We offer a 150 mile local delivery and have tons of experience in shipping nationwide via LTL.  You can always come on in to pick it up from us too!

Technical Support

Call Center Headset

We provide technical support and guidance to our clients. This may include nutritional consultations, formulation adjustments, billing questions and ongoing assistance to help farmers optimize their feed programs and achieve desired outcomes.

We work with feed mills, independent nutritionists, veterinarians, and anyone wanting private labels. A large part of our business is making minerals/premixes with your label on it. If you are a feed salesman working for another company, let us put you in business for yourself. We will create a line of products that are the same or improved from what you are selling now, but with your name on it.

Another large part of our business is supplying producers’ custom premixes that are formulated by a nutritionist. We specialize in working with you and making exactly what you need.

-Larry Smith | President

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