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Custom Feed Services

Family Owned Since 1968

We work with feed mills, independent nutritionists, veterinarians, and anyone wanting private labels. A large part of our business is making minerals/premixes with your label on it. If you are a feed salesman working for another company, let us put you in business for yourself. We will create a line of products that are the same or improved from what you are selling now, but with your name on it.

Another large part of our business is supplying producers’ custom premixes that are formulated by a nutritionist. We specialize in working with you and making exactly what you need.

In the ever-evolving world of livestock production, ensuring optimal nutrition is vital for the health and productivity of animals. To achieve this, many farmers and ranchers rely on custom premixes formulated specifically for their livestock's needs. In this regard, the practice of custom and private labeling has emerged as a valuable solution.

At our company, we understand the importance of catering to specific needs and have developed expertise in producing custom premixes for all livestock. Our specialization lies in collaborating closely with clients to develop products that align perfectly with their requirements. By working hand-in-hand with nutritionists and farmers, we can design premixes that address deficiencies, promote growth, optimize reproduction, enhance immune function, and boost overall performance.  For more information on our process and what to expect, please navigate to our what we do page.

Custom Vitamin & Mineral Premixes

cow and calf

Specializing in Dairy, Cattle, and Swine Premixes

We understand the unique dietary requirements of these animals and have developed precise formulations to meet their specific needs. Our premixes are meticulously crafted, combining essential vitamins and trace minerals in optimal ratios to support growth, reproduction, and overall health.

custom feed services corp's feed delivery truck

Experience the convenience of our 150-mile delivery service and tap into our nationwide LTL expertise to streamline your logistics operations.  Our 150-mile delivery service ensures swift and secure transportation of your goods within a localized region, allowing you to meet tight deadlines and keep your operations running smoothly.

State of the Art Equipment

Custom feed services corp's robot bagger

Robot Bagger

Using a robot to bag livestock mineral has revolutionized the efficiency and accuracy of this essential premix task. With advanced robotic technology, the process of bagging mineral supplements for livestock has become automated and highly streamlined. The robot is equipped with sensors and programming that allow it to precisely measure and dispense the appropriate amount of mineral into each bag.

What We Make

Custom feed services corp's inventory

Custom Mixes That Meet Your Needs

-Custom and Private Labeling
-Vitamin and Trace Mineral Premixes for All Livestock.
-Specialize in Working With You and Making Exactly What You Need.
-In addition, we Produce Custom Premixes that are Formulated by a Nutritionist.

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Friendly Staff

Custom Feed Services Corp takes pride in its exceptional and friendly staff. From the moment you interact with our team, you will experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our staff members are highly knowledgeable in their respective roles and are always ready to assist you with a smile.

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